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An Introduction

Building a Multilingual Community.

Pollieglot is a social language learning platform where language learners who we call 'Friend' can search for and learn languages from multilingual speakers who we call 'Pollie'.

There are lots of ways to learn a language but Pollieglot focuses heavily on learning through conversations and becoming fluent. And the method to become fluent effectively in the shortest amount of time possible is to learn and converse with a fluent speaker regularly.

Here is where Pollie comes in.

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Getting to know Pollie

Pollie is a human being just like you.

The name 'Pollie' comes from the word 'Polyglot', which means a person who knows and is able to use several languages.

Being multi-lingual is what makes Pollie truly special and different than others.

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What does a Pollie do?

A Pollie teaches people how to talk and behave like a native speaker.

Pollie helps you to quickly build your vocabulary, strengthen your memory retention, and improve your conversational skills. Pollie does this by actively engaging with you in lots and lots of conversations.

To truly immerse oneself in a language, a person has to learn the culture behind the language. Only a human being understands culture. That is why Pollie is here to help you understand and behave like a native so there won't be any awkward moments for you when you meet someone of different culture.


Finally now

How is Pollie different?


Pollie meets you in real life.

Having many conversations with a fluent speaker in real life will accelerate language learning.


Pollie brings you outside.

Practice using real objects and experiencing real situations will strengthen your memory.


Pollie immerses you in culture.

Knowing what to do or not to do, what to say or not to say will help you to integrate well and understand people better on a more personal level.


Pollie gives you unique experiences.

Some Pollies offer Immersive Session, a session where the Pollie curates the best language-learning experience for you to achieve fluency faster.


delivers you all of these and so much more.

Try and learn a language with Pollie.


Interested in becoming a Pollie?