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We like beautiful pictures

Your photos taken professionally, for free.

When you signed up as a Pollie, you will need to upload a picture of yourself on your Pollie Profile. At this instance, you may request for a free photoshoot session with our team of professionals. Our team will help you capture your most beautiful angle and make sure your photo conforms to our requirements.

We understand that having a good quality profile picture is important because first impression matters. At Pollieglot, we don't just take good photos of you, we take great ones.

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We like beautiful videos

Your video taken professionally, for free.

Essentially, the content of the Video will have you talk in the languages you mentioned you are fluent at.

When you request a photoshoot session with us, you will also be invited to have your Pollie Video taken by our videographer experts. Once we're done editing your Video, we'll send you the link to your Video on our YouTube account.

Below is an example of your potential Pollie Video

Your promise to us

What we hope you to do post-session.

Complete your Pollie Profile

Once we hand you your Photos and Video, we would appreciate it if you could complete your Pollie Profile as soon as possible so others can see how a beautifully completed profile will look like. Plus, if you let us know that you're done, we'll even help you to promote your page on our social media platforms!

Share your experience with friends

If you enjoyed your session with us and loved the photos and video we took for you, we hope you can spread the love to your friends and family.

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Your feedback are precious to us and we take every review seriously. We would love to hear any constructive feedback so we could improve our work and we would also appreciate it if you could leave us a review on any of our social media platforms.

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