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Questions on Pollieglot.

Pollieglot is an online social language learning platform. We act as a platform for people with multi-lingual skills to offer their knowledge on languages to members within the Pollieglot community for a percentage of fee.

1) A Friend (the person who wants to learn a language) firstly requests a session with a Pollie (the person who is multi-lingual) through Pollieglot.

2) Once the Pollie approves the session and payment accepted, both will communicate and agree on a mutual time and place to meet.

3) On the day of the meeting, the Friend and Pollie will meet together and session commences.

You will have to be 18 years and above to sign up with Pollieglot. From there, it's easy to get started. Simply follow these steps:

1) Sign up online on Pollieglot and confirm your account e-mail address.

2) Complete your Friend Profile by uploading a frontal face profile picture, verifying your phone number and saving a payment method. You can also create yourself a Pollie Profile if you have the multi-lingual capability.

3) You're all set! Find a Pollie to learn or engage with a Friend to teach!

We have partnered with Braintree (a subsidiary of PayPal), a globally trusted and respected payment gateway to process payments on our Pollieglot platform.

You can use any type of debit/credit card and also PayPal.

Pollieglot service fee (PG service fee) is a type of service fee we collect from Pollies for using the Pollieglot platform. The fees collected are used to maintain the advanced technology architecture, secured payment processes, and the whole business itself.

The amount of PG service fee is fixed at 10% from the total sum for a Freestyle Session. For an Immersive Session however, PG service fee will be only at 5% from the total sum. The Pollies' creativity in curating a remarkable language learning experience should be applauded and rewarded.

To encourage more people to learn languages, there will be no service fee charged to Friends.

There are 3 types of verification methods on Pollieglot: 1) e-mail address; 2) Phone number; 3) Payment Method

We require members to verify their e-mail address, payment method, as well as phone number before they can make any requests because these are essential information for all parties.

You can cancel your Pollieglot Account by going to your Account Settings and click on the "Cancel Account" button located at the bottom. Please note that all your reservations, sessions, profile information will be deleted.

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