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Questions on Pollie.

Pollie is someone who is able to communicate in multiple languages. A term commonly used to describe this ability is called a 'Polyglot'. Pollie can be one person or a small group of people.

You are 18 years old and above and are able to communicate fluently in 2 or more languages.

We make it very easy and fun to become a Pollie. Just follow these steps:

1) First, you will need to sign up with Pollieglot.

2) Secondly, you will need to read, understand and embody the Pollieglot Oath.

3) Once you understood the Oath, create a Pollie Profile and complete all the neccessary details.

4) Finally, publish your profile whenever you're ready.

Pollie Earnings are your total earnings made for any session completed.

For a Freestyle Session, you will take 90% of the total payment charged to the Friend. The rest 10% will be charged as Pollieglot Service Fees (PG Service Fees) which we will use to maintain the advanced technology architecture, secured payment processes, and the whole business itself.

For an Immersive Session, you will take away 95% of the total sum. We will take only 5% because we really appreciate your creativity and effort to curate an immersive language learning experience. So we hope with more earnings you get, you'll strive harder to make languages more fun and easy for everybody to learn.

Becoming a Pollie is as easy as just signing up with us. We don't require any private interview to validate your language capability nor do we ask for any of your credentials. Our aim is to make Pollieglot a fun, social, light-weight, engaging and interactive site for all members to enjoy. But at the same time, we want members to feel safe and assured that the Pollies are really fluent in the languages that they say they are fluent at.

The idea of having Pollies to upload a video of themselves talking in their languages is to subtly eliminate any doubts on their language capability as well as their identity. Pollies are free to express in any way they want in their video. It can be a simple introduction of themselves or a more creative effort. With a video, members can make a better judgement before making a request for a session.

We currently process payouts to Pollies via DuitNow.

Pollieglot will disburse your pay using DuitNow, a simple and convenient way of transferring money using easy-to-remember DuitNow IDs such as mobile number and NRIC number. In Pollieglot's case, we will use your phone number that has been verified on your Edit Profile page. Make sure your verified phone number on Pollieglot is your DuitNow ID and is linked to your preferred bank account.

DuitNow is participating in almost all the major banks in Malaysia.

We typically release a payout to Pollie within 24 hours after a session has taken place.

After that, once we initiate payout via DuitNow, you will receive your payment instantly.

On your Pollie Page, click on the Pollie Calendar link and you will see your own personal Pollie Calendar. On this page, you will be able to see who has booked a session with you and at what date. Yellow colour capsule means 'request pending' while green colour capsule means 'request approved'.

You will also be able to edit your availability by clicking on the 'Edit your availability' button on the top left of the calendar.

After approving a session and payment made, you will be notified through email and SMS on your Friend's contact information. You may also engage with your Friend via the Pollieglot messaging platform.

Your Friend will be fully refunded and your Session will be cancelled. You will receive an email notification about the cancellation.

Your Friend will be fully refunded and your Session will be cancelled. You will receive an email notification about the cancellation.

You can hide your Pollie Profile by going to your Pollie Page and click on the "Hide My Profile" button. To unhide, simply click the same button again.

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