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What should I do?


tips to make it worth.

1. Be Prepared.

It is always good to have a structured plan of what you're going to teach your Friend. Draft a simple topics to cover and things to talk about. A little preparation can go a long way.

2. Be Repetitive.

People will usually remember things (in our case vocabs and conversations) faster when they hear and try repetitively. When teaching your Friend, try to always ask them to repeat what you said or did.

3. Create Conversations.

Conversations are key to becoming fluent in a language so try to create as many conversations as you can with your Friend. Have a look at your Friend's Profile to know more about them. Ask their stories and help them to practise talking in the language they're trying to learn.

4. Share Culture.

One of the things that make us humans interesting is culture. Culture is like an identity of an ethnicity as it is unique. Teach your Friend to be appreciative of a culture and they will most definitely appreciate the language more.

5. Know your meeting place.

To make full use of your time with your Friend, it is important for you (and for your Friend) to know the meeting place. Say if you're meeting at the mall, be sure to know the layout of the place. Where would you like to bring and the things you would like to talk about. You should always plan beforehand. You should also know where the location literally. Don't get lost and waste both you and your Friend's precious time.

6. Be Confident.

This may sound like too general of an advise to give or maybe even, cliche. Like, who doesn't know that you should always be confident in doing something, right? But in actuality, being confident can be very difficult and at times very challenging for some people. Some people are shy to ask things that they don't know or are unsure of. This ends up them losing precious knowledge to improve themselves. People need to be constantly reminded of how important it is to be confident in theirselves. Whether what they say might be wrong, they should understand that it won't kill. Friend is a friend, so be confident.

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