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Abdul Muhaimin (Amin)

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My language journey

Hello friends, welcome to Pollieglot :) The reason for being fluent in Japanese aside to English and Malay (which are the widely spoken and mother tongue of Malaysians) comes from the opportunity for me to learn it during my degree years studying in Japan. I used to be a scholarship student for MJHEP (Malaysia-Japan High Education Program) and with this opportunity gives me the chance to learn the language that I've dream of learning during my childhood watching animes and singing their theme songs. (and the Japanese culture itself by the way :P) If you want to learn Osaka-ben to, feel free to ask of me too although I'm not very good at it. We can learn it together. :D

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Japanese, Malay, English, Manglish
Alam Impian, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
RM12 per hour, RM0.0 per minute

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