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My language journey

Perfecting my skills in Korean whilst dabbling between Malay and English. I was a Level 4 graduate from Ewha Women’s University’s Language Center and received a Level 4 on my TOPIK II examinations last October. I usually use 높인말 (Polite form) when I talk to strangers but if we get to know each other better, we can talk casually in Korean! Crafted my English through Barney reruns as a young child and I might’ve picked up on a typical American accent that has been made fun of for being too “western”. Don’t mind the haters, right?


English, Malay, Korean
Shah Alam, 세랑고르 말레이시아
RM10 per hour, RM0.0 per minute

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Qabil • March 2019

Adriana was absolutely fantastic. A legit fluent Korean speaker. She came well prepared for the session and has helped me improve my Korean tremendously. Even upon my ridiculous requests to have specific conversations, she was always supportive and even has the absolute talent for impromptu acts. Really, 1 1/2 hours flew by too fast. Will definitely request another learning session with her. Highly recommend!