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My language journey

Alright, for Malay, well it is my mother tongue so of course I am fluent in Malay. For English, I have always LOVE English since I was little. It is my favourite subject in school and I always watch National Geographic and Animal Planets to learn new vocabulary. And now, I am an English for Professional Communication student at UiTM where English is our core. For Japanese, I started to learn it when I was 15 because I was so in love with the culture. But there are some phrases that cannot be translated directly to English so I've decide to learn Japanese in order to understand those phrases. But, I never went through proper education in learning Japanese. I learn it by myself. I watch anime, dramas, variety shows almost every single day of my life. Not to mention my playlist is 80% Japanese songs. I also learn how to write hiragana, katakana and kanji using the internet. It was a struggle. But guess who can speak Japanese after 8 years of learning by herself? This girl! I spoke to Japanese in Japanese of course and they were surprised that I can speak very well despite the fact that I learn it by myself. But, I notice that if I have a practice buddy to practice speaking Japanese, it will be a lot easier. So, for anyone who want to learn Japanese, I am here to be your practice buddy!


Malay, English, Japanese
Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
RM3 per hour, RM0.0 per minute

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