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The Pollieglot Oath.


'I solemnly swear
that I will abide by this oath.'


All Pollies and Friends have to follow and embody these principles in order to remain active and trusted within the Pollieglot community.

Becoming a Pollie is more than just making money and teaching someone, and becoming a Friend is more than just paying someone to learn. At Pollieglot, we build friendship and trust between people.

In the instance that you fail to uphold these principles, your role as a Pollie or Friend may be rescinded immediately.

Principle Number 1


This is the most important principle of all. Always potray the real side of you on your profile. But keep in mind, any misbehaviour will not be tolerated. Describe truthfully about yourself and never lie about the things or skills that you do not possess.

So be real, be you, and let the magic works itself.

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Principle Number 2


We make it very easy for anyone to join the Pollieglot community because we believe in the ability of people to communicate with kindness. We only require you to identify yourself.

Therefore, upon signing up, you are expected to be as you described. In case of Pollies, you are expected to be fluent in your languages. Whereby Friends are expected to share their honest description of themselves on their profile.

Reviews are an integral part of Pollieglot. Reviews help people to make decision. Good reviews bring more attention.

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Principle Number 3


Being upright and honourable, kind and trustworthy, sincere and honest are what makes the world a better place. These traits are also what we expect from everyone in the Pollieglot community.

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Finally, always remember this

is your greatest strength.

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