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1. Watch films or dramas.

Be it a reality show, an anime, a melodrama -- watching a show to learn a language can never go wrong. Before you embark on a session, make sure to watch some films of that language. Listen well to how those characters talk and interact, the conversations that they make, the accent that they use, and the intonation of each word. Observe the movement of their lips and the swaying of their bodies. Without realising it, after a few episodes, you'll feel like you know alot! Whatever that you don't understand from the shows you watched, ask your Pollie. Don't be shy to use the words and sentences to create a conversation with your Pollie. Remember, conversation is key!

2. Talk to yourself.

We're not trying to be mental here but talking to your ownself is actually very helpful in learning a language. Imagine you are with your Pollie, and think of a conversation that you could make. It's important to recite aloud when you do this -- you can't be shy here. Try forming some sentences and imagine what your Pollie would reply and try replying back. Your sentence doesn't need to be perfect. The grammar could be a mess, the intonation might be wrong, but all of those don't matter yet. Effort is what's important at this stage. Pollie will help you gain fluency with more conversations.

3. Learn to write.

Some may argue that writing is not essential to learning a language because there are some people that are able to talk without even knowing how to write. Although that may be true, learning how to write a foreign language will help you to understand a language much better. Especially in the world we're living in now where literacy in multiple languages is valued. You should try to begin learning some characters and try constructing sentences. If there's something you don't understand, you can always ask your Pollie during your session.

4. Listen to music.

Music is an integral part in learning a culture, more so in learning a language. In music, there's poetry, and feelings, and emotions. Listening to foreign music helps you to connect with the culture in an artistical manner. It will also help you to be more fluent as you follow along singing with the singer. It doesn't matter if you don't understand every word that you utter but it's important to have an understanding of the lyrics first before you listen to song. This way, you would be able to immerse yourself better. When you meet your Pollie, try to sing to them, share your songs with them, or better, invite them to a karaoke session!

5. Know your meeting place.

To make full use of your time with your Pollie, it is important for you (and for your Pollie) to know the meeting place. Say if you're meeting at the mall, be sure to know the layout of the place. Where would you like to bring and the things you would like to learn. You should always plan beforehand. By planning, it can be things like the area you are thinking of improving e.g. the vocabs involved when you're at the apparel shop; what is shirt in Japanese, how to say 'my look so beautiful in that dress' in Mandarin, how to make a verbal transaction with the cashier in Hindi, and many more. You should also know where the location literally. Don't get lost and waste both you and your Pollie's precious time.

6. Be Confident.

This may sound like too general of an advise to give or maybe even, cliche. Like, who doesn't know that you should always be confident in doing something, right? But in actuality, being confident can be very difficult and at times very challenging for some people. Some people are shy to ask things that they don't know or are unsure of. This ends up them losing precious knowledge to improve themselves. People need to be constantly reminded of how important it is to be confident in theirselves. Whether what they say might be wrong, they should understand that it won't kill. Pollie is there to help you get better, to be more fluent. Pollie is your friend, so be confident.

Try and learn a language with Pollie.

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